Oldrich Anton Vojta

After graduating from the Dance Conservatory of Prague (DCP), Oldrich Anton Vojta studied fine arts at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. While at the conservatory, he was strongly influenced by costume design. At the mere age of seventeen he participated in the design of costumes for the Graduation Concert of the DCP held at the Estates Theatre in Prague. In his twenties he designed costumes for a production of Swan Lake at the Hybernia Theatre in Prague and the Czech premiere of the musical Sentenced Atlantida. Extending his work to conceptual design Vojta worked with the Studio of Art Culture of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in 2013. On this Czech-German project, named Hot Glass, he had the opportunity to work with a completely new medium. On that occasion, he designed a glass sculpture named Woman in a Dress, which opened the Hot Glass exhibition. Since joining the VO5 Design Studio in July 2014, Vojta has developed and successfully presented a project which blends fashion design and art photography into one unit and which allowed him to realize this project. Vojta’s artistic creation is varied and encomapsses a range of expression, from theatre costume to fashion design. His work is strongly influenced by the simultaneous strength and fragility evoked in classical dance as well as the minimalist line of the female body.